Best Popsicle Molds: Top 5

There are simply too many popsicle molds to choose from. To ease the process of picking one that suits you just right, we reviewed the best popsicle molds. We considered all important features – the size of the popsicle maker, the materials, time to freeze, the price tag and many other aspects of each mold.

1. BAKHUK Popsicle Molds 3 Pack


BAKHUK Popsicle Molds with Funnel and Brush, Set of 3

Includes 3 sets of popsicle molds, 1 brush and 1 funnel.

Material: Food-grade PP (Polypropylene)


  • Molds 6″ x 6.7″ x 4.7″
  • Brush 4.5″ (Length)
  • Funnel 3″ x 2.8″

Things to love:

  • Food-grade plastic: Each of these popsicle molds are made from food-grade plastic, allowing for carefree delicacy production. Additionally, funnels are made out of silicone which makes them easier to use.
  • Versatile: These popsicle makers consist of many different parts and can be used in a variety of ways.
  • Easy cleaning: The added brush and funnel makes avoiding a mess in the kitchen and cleaning up any leftovers a breeze.
  • Efficient storage: These popsicle molds are fairly small (~¼ of a cup) and come with a simple-to-use vertical stand.

Possible issues

  • Fragile: Food-grade plastic isn’t known for being sturdy. Popsicle holders are no exception – they can easily break if handled without care.
  • Tricky to assemble: While the amount of different parts is great for versatility, it’s not so much for assembly which might make it slightly more difficult for children to handle.


There are a few things to keep in mind before ordering. Be sure to always clean and wash these popsicle containers before use. Then, remember to not fill over the marked line as doing otherwise might break the mold as the ice expands!

Once the popsicles are prepared, the easiest way to get them out is to run the mold over some warm water. It will help avoid breaking the mold or handle and make the popsicle pop out easily!

Final remarks:

For the price tag, you’re getting quite a lot of inventory. Three sets of popsicle molds with a brush and funnel added means a lot of value for money. Additionally, outside of the possible assembly issues, they are quite versatile and can be utilized in many different scenarios.

2. U.S. Kitchen Supply 18-Piece Ice Pop Molds


U.S. Kitchen Supply 18 Pack of Ice Pop Molds

A set of 18 molds and 3 popsicle trays.

Material: BPA-free plastic

Size: 6 ½” (Height)

Things to love:

  • Large set: U.S. Kitchen Supply comes in first with the largest set out of all contenders in the best popsicle molds list. With 18 molds, losing or breaking a few is not an issue.
  • Simple to use: Relatively few parts are used to assemble the popsicle molds, making them easy to utilize. Additionally, the wide bottoms make it trivial to fill them with the desired liquid.

Possible issues:

  • Fragile: BPA-free plastic isn’t well known for its durability and these popsicle molds are no exception. Be careful as crack can appear easily.
  • Basic design: It’s simply a set of 18 popsicle makers with a very basic design.


These molds are wide enough to be used without a funnel. Actually, it’s quite easy to fill in several at a time due to their design!  Be careful to only fill only to the line as doing otherwise might lead to unnecessary dripping. In the worst case scenario, the molds might even break if overfilled!

Final remarks:

U.S. Kitchen Supply can certainly rank among the best popsicle molds if you are just looking for a simple to use and basic popsicle maker. As the set is rather large, there is definitely a lot of value for the price.

3. FroZip Popsicle Molds, Set of 125


FroZip 125 Popsicle Mold Bags

A set of 125 popsicle containers, 1 funnel.

Materials: Colorless BPA-free plastic

Size: 8” (6” to fill line)

Things to love:

  • Simple to use: These are just popsicle shaped ziploc bags. With the included funnel, using these bags is simply a breeze.
  • Compact: Unlike most other popsicle containers, FroZip popsicle molds require barely any space to be used and stored.
  • Disposable: A large set of basic bags means these popsicle makers are easy to store, use and dispose of without worrying too much about environmental impact.

Possible issues:

  • Fragile materials: As these are disposable popsicle shaped bags, don’t expect too much out of them. They can break or tear quite easily and become unusable.
  • No handle: All other popsicle molds come with a handle. Unfortunately, you’ll have to carry the entire contents with the bag itself and try not to make a mess.
  • No storage tray: No tray added in this set – refridgerator tidiness will become an issue over time.


These popsicle containers are very simple to use as they are basically ice cream ziploc bags. They are a little fragile so be always sure to fill to the line stated and not much more. They will break quickly if overfilled.

We recommend filling these popsicle holders over a sink or container. If there are any holes or breakage in the bag, it will save you some cleaning time!

Final remarks:

These FroZip popsicle molds are a decent choice for those looking for the simplest “fire-and-forget” type of design. They aren’t very reliable but you’re getting plenty of popsicle containers in one go, so there’s definitely plenty of value to be had.

4. Kitzini Stainless Steel Popsicle Molds


Kitzini 6 Stainless Steel Popsicle Molds

A set of 6 stainless steel molds with a rack, 6 seals and 50 bamboo sticks.

Materials: Stainless steel, BPA-free silicone (seals)

Size: 4.3”x1.77”x0.8” (3 oz in each mold)

Things to love:

  • Sturdy materials: Unlike any other popsicle holder  these are made out of stainless steel and will last for a long time.
  • Better freeze time: Steel absorbs temperature at a better rate than plastic or silicone which means any liquid will freeze significantly faster.
  • Eco-friendly: Very little plastic is used throughout the entire design, making Kitzini popsicle molds a lot better for the environment than other options.

Possible issues:

  • Small: These popsicle molds are about as large or smaller than the other options listed here. As the price tag is higher with relatively few molds included, the size becomes a limiting factor.
  • Limited storage time: Kitzini recommends against storing popsicles for an extended period of time (i.e. a few days). 
  • Difficult to handle: Stainless steel is naturally more cumbersome than plastic. Silicone seals and bamboo handles just add to the confusion, making the product a little complex to use.


While these popsicle containers are sturdy, getting the frozen goods out of the holder is more difficult than with any other mold. Be sure to rinse with warm water before attempting to remove the popsicle out of the mold as it will make the process significantly easier and safer.

Final remarks:

If you are looking for a sturdy, long-term companion to add to your kitchen, these definitely rank high among the contenders for the best popsicle molds. They can be a little cumbersome for some but are a good addition for those looking for stability and reliability.

5. BAKHUK 2 Pack Ice Popsicle Molds


BAKHUK 2 Sets of Popsicle Molds with Funnel and Brush

Two sets of different shaped popsicle molds, a funnel, and a brush.

Material: Food-grade plastic

Size: 2.6” x 6.2” (Square), 1.6” x 6” (Star)

Things to love:

  • Different shapes: This set includes square and star shaped popsicle molds that can be used for different recipes. More fun than with any other set!
  • Easy to clean: Each set includes a free brush which makes cleaning the popsicle containers and any mess in the kitchen a breeze.

Possible issues:

  • Flimsy material: These popsicle molds don’t seem to hold up much. They can start leaking fast.
  • Hard to remove from molds: When frozen, the popsicle seems to stick to the mold and handles a little too well. Run under warm water liberally to avoid breaking the mold.


As with most molds, remember to run these under warm (not hot!) before attempting to remove the popsicle or else the handles might break off. Additionally, remember to slightly underfill the popsicle molds to allow room for the ice as it might break the container otherwise.

Final remarks:

A simple, rather cheap BAKHUK set for those looking to add some variety to their popsicle maker collection. There isn’t anything all too special about these outside of the different shapes and a few extra utilities such as a popsicle tray. 

Best Popsicle Molds: Top 5

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